Choosing an Electric Gate Automation System

Choosing an Electric Gate Automation System

When deciding on an automatic gate driver system, you need to consider how you want the gates to open and whether you need a garage door, driveway or pedestrian gate. The two most popular options are sliding or swinging gates. Swinging gates take up much more space, while driveway gates that open by sliding upwards take up little space while giving full and unhindered access to the driveway. 


It is important to consider your measurements carefully. The length and width of your driveways will determine the ideal type of automatic gate to install.  

Consider these measurements when installing a swing gate: 

  • Height and width of each leaf 
  • The weight of the leaves – This should not exceed the capacity of the driver automation system as mentioned in the product specifications of your driver model.  
  • Space between the posts where the engine will be introduced – Check the distance from the rotating pivot and its proximity to the gate’s interior, or even the separation between the posts and other moving parts. This distance will decide how much space is accessible so that you can pick the right electric opener. 


Alongside measurement and weight, the type of automation system is also a factor you will need to place into consideration. Electromechanical systems may not offer conveniences such as quietness and resistance to wind, but they are a lot cheaper than hydraulic operating systems.  

Automatic Gate Operators  

There are three types of swinging gate operators; articulated arms, back-mounted arms, and underground gate motors. 


Articulated Arms Motor  

Articulated motors are ideal for long walls and posts, and they work well with a wide range of swinging gates; wood, metal, PVC, single or double leaves. The power supplies are available in 24 and 230V. Some makes of the articulated arm operator allow an opening for up to 120°.  Articulated arms motors are a proficient method for opening swinging gates. They don’t exert additional stress on the brackets and hinges more than what is required to open and close the door.  

Back-Mounted Arms Motor 

Back-mounted gate motors are quieter than articulated arms. They are vital for small tight spaces and are also available in power supplies of 24 and 230V. They can be more aesthetically pleasing than articulated arm operators.  

The Underground Automatic Gate Driver System 

Underground arm operators are the ideal solution for design enthusiasts who want to retain the original beauty of their gates without limiting power and performance. This aesthetically appealing swing gate operator is also available in 24 and 230 V, and it is invisible from the inside and outside. 

Underground automatic gate drivers are compatible with all types of swinging gate models. If you have small entryways and alleys, you can place this driver system underground and still be able to get maximum performance. The driver must be attached to the ground and the frame must be connected to the door and the motor’s pinion for movement. 

When you choose an underground driver framework you will need to brace for extra installation costs. Right off the bat, masonry work will be required for digging the two gaps where the driver will fit.  In most instances, this type of work requires hiring a skilled expert, which means additional costs that you will have to grapple with. 

Automation of a Sliding Gate  

There are two types of sliding entryways, those on rails and the freestanding ones also known as cantilever gates. For each, an exceptional kind of automation is required which is why the following key points are vital for a smooth installation process: 

When choosing an electric gate opener, it is prudent to consider the size and weight of your gate — the motors available permit varying degrees of pressure and weight, which you will discover on the product specifications on your motor driver.  

Motors are categorized according to the maximum weight of the gate they can handle, however, if the gate sits on a slope the operating pressure of the gate increases depending on the steepness of the hill. Motors rated for gates 350kg to 400kg are only ideal for lightweight gates less than 3m wide x 1.2m high. Conversely, motors rated for 800kg and higher are capable of operating heavy aluminum and steel doors. 

Another critical factor to consider is the driver’ power supply, which can be 24 or 230V. A 24V direct current power supply can help on the off chance that you don’t have an attachment close-by, and it can likewise help open the door if there should be a power failure. Regardless, most mechanized frameworks are connected to a standard 220V outlet, and it is also conceivable to include an outside opening unit or a couple of photovoltaic cells, which will enable you to physically open the door even in the event of a power outage. 

Drop us a line for custom automation solutions for all types of swinging gates. We have all the systems that will help increase the efficiency, comfort, and safety of your swinging gates.

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