Restore your Rusty Wrought Iron Fence

Restore your Rusty Wrought Iron Fence

A quality wrought iron fence can serve many purposes as it is both decorative and secure. Even though it lacks the privacy of a vinyl or wood fence, it does provide security for your animals and as a defense against intruders. Maintaining a wrought iron fence can be a simple chore if done at the beginning but if you are laxed in your efforts to do so, then you can use the following tips to restore and maintain your fence for the future.

Remove old rust and paint

There are multiple ways to clean and prep a fence for restoration, including going over it with a wire brush, manually sanding or using a rust remover. Remember to clean the fence thoroughly in order for the new primer and paint to adhere properly.

Rustproofing the Metal

By using a chemical neutralizer such as a store bought product or a simple mixture of lemon juice and vinegar, you can apply the product by spraying or coating the fence and following it up with a wire brush.  This eliminates rust from reappearing.

Prime your Metal

It is important to use a quality primer at this stage to coat and seal the metal from moisture and corrosion.  Apply multiple layers for better results.  This application can come in a spray can option for easy use.

Paint your Metal

You can choose multiple options and colors to paint your fence so feel free to experiment with colors that match the home and your personal style. It will adhere to the primer readily and should be applied in two, thick coats.


Even though you went through the entire process of cleaning, treating and repainting your wrought iron fence, regular maintenance is required to keep that new looking fence. Look for any flaking or peeling of paint and follow the previous instructions to fix any isolated areas.

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