Your Best Fence Options

Your Best Fence Options

When deciding on the type of fence you want for your home or business, you can run into too many choices trying to fit your needs. Adding a professional consultation is the best way to go when going through the process and helps set the budget for your project.

  1. Contact a reputable fencing company that offers a free consultation and make sure to ask the pros and cons for the different types of fences.  Does wood or composite work best for the overall fenced in area?  Are you trying to contain large or small animals within the fence? Does the company offer extra services such as decking that would match the overall style of your project?
  2. Depending on the use of the fence, you need to consider fence maintenance.  Which type of fence will hold up to the weather or working environment for your area? Are you looking for a high security fence or a low maintenance fence? These are the questions a good consultation will help you determine.
  3. If you are in a residential area, does the local HOA come into play on regulations for fence types? Check with your HOA and ask for assistance from your fencing consultant. There is noting worse than getting a lien on your property for an improper fence that will have to be removed and cost double to rebuild properly the second time.
  4. Automatic vs. Standard gates.  There is nothing like coming home after a long day at work, to being able to press a button and open your gate so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle in the blazing hot sun to open and close your gate.  Surprisingly, more and more automatic gate options have become very affordable and your need to ask your consultant on a cost difference between those options.

Above all, ask questions.  Don’t let the consultant take over the conversation and be open to suggestions that make be more cost effective in the long run.

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