Benefits of an Automatic Gate

Benefits of an Automatic Gate

Automatic gates for residential driveways have become more popular over the last few years and more affordable to the homeowner.  There are many benefits to owning an automatic gate and something to consider when pricing a fence for your property.

1.Safety and Security

Automatic gates can be a must in safety as it allows you to enter and exit your driveway without having to exit your vehicle.  When the gate is closed it provides an extra amount of security because it is not something an intruder can easily open without a passcode or remote-control device.

2. Privacy and curl appeal

An automatic gate is a luxury item that can set your home apart from your neighbors and depending on the type or style, it can give you an added amount of privacy by using solid wood or vinyl fencing.  An iron or aluminum fence can come in an array of styles to fit your tastes and budget, creating an extra phase in curl appeal for your home.

3.Added Convenience

One reason a person never uses a gate for their home protection is the inconvenience caused by having to exit your vehicle to open and close your gate constantly. They either leave it open to pull in and out or leave it close and never pull their car all the way into the driveway.  The convenience of having a remote-controlled gate always allows you to open and close your gate while staying in your vehicle.  Just like a garage door, the benefits out way the costs involved in installing an automatic gate.

At Tiger Fences, we can send a consultant to your home to advise you on the best option for your property and quote you with and without the extra benefit of an automatic gate.  Call them today at 225-362-4656 for more information.

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